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I am Francois Goube, serial entrepreneur & Business Angel

Here are a few things about me. Got some business ideas, or a good joke? Let's connect.

Francois Goube

I have fund a few start-ups, I invest and I share my journey with other Entrepreneurs. Oh... and I know a few things about SEO ;-)

I have been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years, building start-ups with always the same thesis: democratize the use of technology to empower people. At first, I built a Search Engine for jobs called JobiJoba (sold to Hello Work), then I built a Data Platform that turns out to be the Most powerful software for Technical SEO: Oncrawl. With the best team I've ever had, we achieved to be the most awarded SEO software on Earth. We provide urivaled Technical SEO Analysis on top of our SEO Crawler and Logs Analyzer. Oncrawl was acquiered by Brightedge to build the most complete SEO platform.

On the side, I have been investing as a Business Angels in start-ups and causes I believe in. I run a very early stage fund: Mimbeau.Capital. I am also a speaker and an advisor.

Francois Goube BrightonSEO

My main things

Invest Early Stage

At Mimbeau.Capital We invest super early stage, sometimes even before you create your company. We help you until Series A.

Support causes

It's time to give back so my wife and I are trying to support causes like fight against HPV or Scientific Research.


I will always be an SEO guy. I love search engines and studying their patents. Ping me to chat about SEO anytime.